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VISUS - Institut für Visualisierung und Interaktive Systeme - Stuttgart


Best Paper Awards

Seattle, WA, USAOct 14 2012 - Oct 19 2012VisWeek (VAST)

Dagstuhl Seminars

October 13 2009 - October 15 2009How to Write a Good PaperSeminar for PhDs
May 17 2009 - May 20 2009Visualization and Monitoring of Network TrafficSeminar
October 13 2009 - October 15 2009How to Give a Good PresentationSeminar for PhDs
September 27 2007 - September 29 2007Information VisualizationWorkshop
March 06 2006 - March 08 2006Human-Centered VisualizationSeminar
September 01 2005 - September 02 2005Data Mining in Software SystemsSeminar

Program Committee

Las Vegas, USADec 08-10 2014ISVC 2014
Victoria, CanadaSep 29-30 2014VisSoft 2014
Graz, AustriaSep 16-19 2014i-KNOW 2014
Haifa, IsraelSep 08 2014TAProViz 2014
Sydney, AustraliaAug 06-08 2014VINCI 2014
Swansea, WalesJun 09-13 2014EuroVis 2014 Short Papers
Eindhoven, The NetherlandsSep 27-28 2013VisSoft 2013
Koblenz, GermanySep 17 2013Workshop on Visual and Spatial Cognition 2013
Lugano, SwitzerlandSep 11-13 2013VMV 2013
Beijing, ChinaAug 26 2013BDP 2013
Beijing, ChinaAug 26 2013TAProViz 2013
Norrköping, SwedenJun 13-14 2013SIGRAD 2013
Tallinn, EstoniaSep 3 2012TAProViz 2012

Session Chair

Rome, ItalyFeb 24 2012Flow VisualizationIVAPP Conference
Sydney, AustraliaAug 07 2014Poster Presentation SessionVINCI Conference

International Reviewer

Hangzhou, ChinaApr 14-17 20152Pacific Visualization Conference
Journal20141Computer and Graphics
Journal20141Transactions on Software Engineering
Victoria, CanadaSep 29-30 20145IEEE Working Conference on Software Visualization
Sydney, AustraliaAug 06-08 20142VINCI Conference
Swansea, WalesJun 09-13 20141EGPGV Conference
Swansea, WalesJun 09-13 20141EuroVis - The Eurographics Conference on Visualization
Safety Harbor, Florida, USAMar 26-28 20141Conference on Eye Tracking Research and Applications
Yokohama, JapanMar 04-07 20141Pacific Visualization Conference
Lisbon, PortugalJan 05-08 20141IVAPP Conference
Journal20141Journal on Information Visualization
Journal20141Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG)
Lulea, SwedenDec 02-05 20131International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Media
Atlanta, Georgia, USAOct 13-18 20131IEEE VAST
Eindhoven, The NetherlandsSep 27-28 20135IEEE Working Conference on Software Visualization
Koblenz, GermanySep 17 20131KI Workshop on Visual and Spatial Cognition
Lugano, SwitzerlandSep 11-13 20132International Workshop on Vision, Modeling and Visualization
Beijing, ChinaAug 26 20131International Workshop on Theory and Applications of Process Visualization
Leipzig, GermanyJun 17-21 20132EuroVis - The Eurographics Conference on Visualization
Girona, SpainMay 04-05 20131EGPGV - Eurographics on Parallel Graphics and Visualization
Journal20132Journal on Computer and Graphics
Journal20131Journal of Systems and Software
Journal20131Journal on Information Visualization
Journal20122Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG)

Talks, Presentations, Poster Demos

Tübingen, GermanySep 29 2014Tutorial on Visualization of Eye Tracking DataKogWis Conference
Sydney, AustraliaAug 07 2014A Flip-Book of Edge-Splatted Small Multiples for Visualizing Dynamic GraphsVINCI Conference
Melbourne, AustraliaJul 31 2014Asymmetric Visual Hierarchy Comparison with Nested Icicle PlotsGraph Visualization in Practice Workshop
Melbourne, AustraliaJul 29 2014Tennis Plots: Game, Set, and MatchDiagrams Conference
Paris, FranceJul 17 2014RadCloud: Visualizing Texts with Merged Word CloudsInformation Visualisation Conference
Paris, FranceJul 16 2014Interactive Similarity Links in Treemap VisualizationsInformation Visualisation Conference
Colchester, EnglandApr 02 2014How Do People Read Metro Maps? An Eye Tracking StudySchematics Mapping Workshop
Safety Harbour, Florida, USAMar 27 2014Saccade PlotsETRA Conference, Poster Session
Safety Harbour, Florida, USAMar 27 2014A Dynamic Graph Visualization Perspective on Eye Movement DataETRA Conference
University of StuttgartOct 30 2013The Aesthetics of Rapidly-Exploring Random TreesKolloquium
Atlanta, Georgia, USAOct 14 2013Visual Comparison of Time-Varying Athletes' Performance1st Sports Data Visualization Workshop
Koblenz, GermanySep 17 2013Exploring Spatio-Temporal Data Modeled as Dynamic Weighted RelationsKI Workshop on Visual and Spatial Cognition
Anaheim, California, USAJul 20 2013The Aesthetics of Rapidly-Exploring Random TreesExpressive Conference
London, EnglandJul 16 2013A Matrix-Based Visualization for Exploring Dynamic Compound DigraphsInformation Visualisation Conference
Leipzig, GermanyJun 20 2013AOI Rivers for Visualizing Dynamic Eye Gaze FrequenciesEuroVis Conference
Sydney, AustraliaFeb 28 2013Visual Task Solution Strategies in Tree DiagramsPacific Visualization Conference
Magdeburg, GermanyNov 14 2012Visualizing Dynamic Call GraphsVMV Workshop
University of StuttgartOct 24 2012Prefix Tag CloudsKolloquium
University of Kent, Canterbury, EnglandJul 03 2012Enriching Indented Pixel Tree PlotsDiagrams Conference
Rome, ItalyFeb 24 2012Radial Edge Splatting for Visualizing Dynamic Directed GraphsIVAPP Conference
Providence, Rhode Island, USAOct 28 2011Evaluation of Traditional, Orthogonal, and Radial Tree Diagrams by an Eye Tracking StudyVisWeek, InfoVis
Providence, Rhode Island, USAOct 27 2011Edge Bundling without Reducing the Source to Target TraceabilityVisWeek, InfoVis, Poster Session
Providence, Rhode Island, USAOct 27 2011Parallel Edge Splatting for Scalable Dynamic Graph VisualizationVisWeek, InfoVis
University of Stuttgart, GermanyOct 20 2011Evaluation of Traditional, Orthogonal, and Radial Tree Diagrams by an Eye Tracking StudyKolloquium
University of Stuttgart, GermanyOct 14 2011Parallel Edge Splatting for Scalable Dynamic Graph VisualizationKolloquium
University of Eindhoven, The NetherlandsSep 23 2011Evaluating Partially Drawn Links for Directed Graph EdgesGraph Drawing Conference
School of Oriental and African Studies, London, EnglandJul 14 2011Layered TimeRadarTreesInformation Visualization Conference
Tivoli Victoria Hotel, Vilamoura, PortugalMar 05 2011TimeEdgeTrees: Visualizing Dynamic Quantitative Data in HierarchiesIVAPP Conference
University of Stuttgart, GermanyJan 11 2011Visualizing Dynamic Quantitative and Relational Data in HierarchiesKolloquium
Monte Carlo Resort, Las VegasDec 01 2010Subversion Statistics SifterPoster Demo, ISVC Conference
University of StuttgartNov 11 2010Visual AnalyticsSeminar
University Carlos 3rd, Madrid-LeganesSep 23 2010TimeSpiderTrees: A Novel Visual Metaphor for Dynamic Compound GraphsVL/HCC Conference
University of TrierMay 20 2010Visualizing Static and Dynamic Relations in Information HierarchiesDisputation
University of StuttgartApr 29 2010Indented Pixel Tree PlotsKolloquium
University of StuttgartNov 11 2009Cartesian vs. RadialKolloquium
University of StuttgartSep 25 2009Visualizing Static and Dynamic Relations in Information HierarchiesKolloquium
Humboldt University BerlinJun 11 2009Visualizing the Evolution of Compound Digraphs with TimeArcTreesEuroVis Conference
Las Vegas, Nevada, USADec 01 2008Cartesian vs. Radial: A Comparative Evaluation of Two Visualization ToolsInternational Symposium on Visual Computing
University of Eindhoven, The NetherlandsMay 26 2008TimeRadarTrees: Visualizing Dynamic Compound DigraphsEuroVis Conference
University of TrierJun 16 2007Fußball im ZeitradarTag der offenen Tür Universität Trier
University of TrierMar 22 2006Trees in a TreemapKolloquium
San Jose, California, USAJan 17 2006Trees in a TreemapConference on Visualization and Data Analysis (VDA)
Budapest, HungarySep 25 2005EPOSee Tool DemoVisSoft Conference


Bettina OhlhausenNov 01 2014 - Dec 31 2014Annotation of Eye Tracking DataUniversity of Stuttgart
Julian StrotzerJan 01 2014 - TBASimilarity Matrix VisualizationsUniversity of Stuttgart
Tanja MunzSep 01 2013 - Mar 01 2014Implementation of a Dynamic Graph Visualization ToolUniversity of Stuttgart
Hansjörg SchmauderMar 15 2013 - Mar 01 2014Implementation of Visualization TechniquesUniversity of Stuttgart
Daniel PompeApr 15 2012 - Aug 31 2012A Visual Analytics Tool for Time-Varying Textual DataUniversity of Stuttgart
Benjamin SchmidtOct 15 2011 - Jul 31 2012Implementation of a System for Automatic Dynamic Pattern Detection and VisualizationUniversity of Stuttgart
Hansjörg SchmauderOct 01 2011 - Aug 31 2012Implementation of a Hierarchy Browsing SystemUniversity of Stuttgart
Natalia KonevtsovaJan 15 2011 - Nov 01 2011Conduction of Controlled User Studies and Evaluations (Eyetracking)University of Stuttgart

Diploma, Master, and Bachelor Theses

Diploma ThesisBettina OhlhausenTBATBAUniversity of Stuttgart
Diploma ThesisTanja MunzTBATBAUniversity of Stuttgart
Diploma ThesisLiang SiguangTBATBAUniversity of Stuttgart
Diploma ThesisHansjörg SchmauderTBATBAUniversity of Stuttgart
Diploma ThesisNils RodriguezTBATBAUniversity of Stuttgart
Diploma ThesisChangsheng QianTBATBAUniversity of Stuttgart
Study ThesisTanja MunzTBATBAUniversity of Stuttgart
Diploma ThesisXiaobo GanTBATBA (in German)University of Stuttgart
Master ThesisChristine LoukaTBATBA (in English)University of Stuttgart
Diploma ThesisAndreas KullOct 26 2012Erweiterung der ThemeRiver Technik um Zu- und Abflüsse (in German)University of Stuttgart
Diploma ThesisHi QuOct 23 2012TBA (in German)University of Stuttgart
Diploma ThesisAndreas PaulMay 05 2012Visualisierung von Anforderungsspezifikationen im Automobilbau (in German)University of Stuttgart
Diploma ThesisYuefeng KongMar 30 2012Implementation of an Interactive Graph Visualization Tool Focusing on Partially Drawn Links in User-Defined Regions (in English)University of Stuttgart
Diploma ThesisNatalia KonevtsovaJan 06 2011Eyetracking Studie in der Graph- und Hierarchievisualisierung (in German)University of Stuttgart
Diploma ThesisMartin GreilichJan 01 2009Visualisierung von Folgen von Graphen mit der TimeArcTrees-Methode (in German)University of Trier

Lectures, Seminars, Exercise Groups, and Practices

StuttgartWinter 2014Software VisualizationSeminar9
StuttgartWinter 2013/2014Information Visualization and Visual AnlyticsLecture36
StuttgartSummer 2013Network VisualizationSeminar10
StuttgartWinter 2012/2013Information VisualizationLecture25
StuttgartSummer 2012Visual AnalyticsSeminar15
StuttgartWinter 2011/2012Information VisualizationLecture35
StuttgartWinter 2010/2011Holistische Anzeige von SoftwaresystemenStudienprojekt12
StuttgartWinter 2010/2011Interaktive Visualisierungstechniken and Visual AnalyticsSeminar7
StuttgartSummer 2010Volume RenderingSeminar13
TrierSummer 2009Programmierung IaExercise Group110
TrierSummer 2009Programmierung IIExercise Group35
TrierSummer 2009InformationsvisualisierungPraktikum1
TrierWinter 2008/2009Programmierung IExercise Group125
TrierWinter 2008/2009Visualisierungs- und Analysetechniken im SportSeminar5
TrierWinter 2008/2009Visualisierungs- und Analysetechniken im SportSeminar5
TrierWinter 2008/2009InformationsvisualisierungPraktikum1
TrierSummer 2008SoftwarevisualisierungExercise Group9
TrierSummer 2008SoftwarevisualisierungSeminar7
TrierSummer 2008VisualisierungPraktikum1
TrierWinter 2007/2008InformationsvisualisierungSeminar8
TrierWinter 2007/2008HierarchievisualisierungPraktikum1
TrierSummer 2007SoftwarevisualisierungPraktikum1
TrierSummer 2007InformationsvisualisierungSeminar6
TrierSummer 2007Compiler ConstructionExercise Group3
EichstättWinter 2006/2007Programmierung IIExericise Group11
EichstättSummer 2006InformationsvisualisierungSeminar5
EichstättSummer 2006Programmierung IExercise Group31
EichstättWinter 2005/2006InformationsvisualisierungSeminar6
EichstättWinter 2005/2006Programmierung IIExercise Group22
EichstättSummer 2005Programmierung IExercise Group33
SaarbrückenWinter 2004/2005Hardware DesignExercise Group 220
SaarbrückenWinter 2004/2005Hardware DesignExercise Group 126
SaarbrückenSummer 2004Datastructures and AlgorithmsExercise Group11
SaarbrückenSummer 2004Hardware DesignExercise Group 230
SaarbrückenSummer 2004Hardware DesignExercise Group 123
SaarbrückenWinter 2003/2004Hardware DesignExercise Group 322
SaarbrückenWinter 2003/2004Hardware DesignExercise Group 214
SaarbrückenWinter 2003/2004Hardware DesignExercise Group 124
SaarbrückenSummer 2003Hardware DesignExercise Group 228
SaarbrückenSummer 2003Hardware DesignExercise Group 135