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Visual Analytics Methodology for Eye Movement Studies

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A Summary Map of the Trajectory Data

A Summary Map of the Trajectory Data

In this paper we investigated the problem of analyzing the vast amount of trajectories in eye tracking studies. Technically, there is no difficulty to acquire and record as much scan paths of study participants. But what to do with all this data? Representing it by a traditional heatmap that is typically integrated in todays eye tracking systems can't give us a hint about visual task solution strategies commonly applied by the participants since it only shows regions of frequent interest by density fields. Using gaze plots to understand the trajectory data leads to vast amounts of visual clutter and only the hot spots in a diagram become visible.

To help an analyst of gaze trajectories recorded by an eye tracking system, Gennady and Natalia Andrienko recently developed a visual analytics tool that consists of many different views and perspectives to finally get insight in the data in form of visual task solution strategies.

This paper will be presented at the VAST conference of the VisWeek that is held in October 2012 in Seattle. I would like to thank the Andrienkos for this great collaboration. The paper appears in TVCG 2012 - Transaction on Visualization and Computer Graphics 2012.