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Evaluating Visual Analytics with Eye Tracking

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The Visual Analytics Eye Tracking Evaluation Pipeline.

The Visual Analytics Eye Tracking Evaluation Pipeline.


The application of eye tracking for the evaluation of humans' viewing behavior is a common approach in psychological research. So far, the use of this technique for the evaluation of visual analytics and visualization is less prominent. We investigate recent scientific publications from the main visualization and visual analytics conferences and journals that include an evaluation by eye tracking. Furthermore, we provide an overview of evaluation goals that can be achieved by eye tracking and state-of-the-art analysis techniques for eye tracking data. Ideally, visual analytics leads to a mixedinitiative cognitive system where the mechanism of distribution is the interaction of the user with visualization environments.

Therefore, we also include a discussion of cognitive approaches and models to include the user in the evaluation process. Based on our review of the current use of eye tracking evaluation in our field and the cognitive theory, we propose directions of future research on evaluation methodology, leading to the grand challenge of developing an evaluation approach to the mixed-initiative cognitive system of visual analytics.

Future Work

There are plenty of open challenges in this field.