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Radial Edge Splatting for Visualizing Dynamic Directed Graphs

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A Dynamic Directed Graph where the Radial Edge Splatting Technique is Applied

A Dynamic Directed Graph where the Radial Edge Splatting Technique is Applied

This is the radial variant of our Parallel Edge Splatting technique. The original vertical stripes are now mapped to circle annuli and the graph edges as curved links in between the two corresponding circle circumferences.

This approach has two benefits. Formerly long links are reduced in their lengths and the approach allows robust visual patterns under a vertex shifting operation.

On the negative side, the circular stripes become even narrower than in the Cartesian variant but from our opinion the resulting diagrams look more aesthetically pleasing. Interactive features are definitely needed to support better explorations of the dynamic graph data.

If you are interested in our work please read our paper presented at the IVAPP conference in Rome, Italy, in 2012. You may also read the corresponding paper on Parallel Edge Splatting for Scalable Dynamic Graph Visualization that we presented at VisWeek in 2011. If you have questions, comments, remarks, or you would like to cooperate with us, share your datasets with us, please write an email and I will answer it as soon as possible.